Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is a safe,effective and non-invasive office procedure ,where a chemical agent of a defined strength is applied to the skin,which causes a controlled destruction of layers of skin that is followed by regeneration and remodeling with improvementof texture and surface abnormalities.

There are various kinds of peels viz,fruit acids like glycolic acid,lactic acid, salicylic acid,trichloroacetic acid,yellow peel , etc.

We ,in our clinic,customize the choice of peel according to individual requirement.It takes about 30-45 minutes for one session and is usually done at an interval of 15 days.A minimum of 6-10 sessions are required for optimum result.

Peels are very useful in
  • Preventing signs of aging and wrinkles.
  • Comedonal acne and acne scars.
  • Reducing existing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Photodamaged skin.
  • Post-inflammatory pigmentation,freckles,lentigines.
  • Improving the dull skin.


It is a minimally invasive office-based procedure used for abrading the superficial layers of skin with an inert aluminium oxide crystal powder under various degrees of vacuum. It removes the superficial dead skin and smoothens out the rough textured skin .

It is useful in the following settings
  • To obtain a skin glow.
  • Brighten the complexion.
  • Reduce acne scars and open up closed comedones.
  • Reduce pore size and wrinkles.
  • Reduce striae.
  • Photo-ageing.
  • Increase the penetration of drugs and cosmeceuticals into the skin.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP i.e.,platelet –rich plasma therapy is a non-surgical treatment for stimulation of hair growth and skin rejuvenation. Blood is drawn in our clinic and then spun in a centrifuge and PRP portion is separated and removed from the rest of the blood.

It is safe and natural because the procedure concentrates the good cells i.e.,platelets from your own body and is put back into the area where it is needed.There is no risk of allergy or infection.High concentration of platelets release various growth factors that activate and rejuvenate cells in the body.

They also stimulate the hair follicle’s growth as well as induce the production of collagen and generation of new capillaries to rejuvenate the skin.


Acugel is a completely solid state machine which uses a unique form of electromechanical energy that penetrates the tissue very deeply.

At cellular level,the molecules are oscillated million times a second but for a distance of few millimicrons. This results in cellular massage,improvement in blood circulation and reduction in oedema.

It is useful in
  • Under eye dark circles.
  • Under eye puffiness.
  • Under eye wrinkles.
  • Skin tightening.
  • Face brightening.

QS Nd Yag Laser

We at our clinic use a high-powered Q-Switched Nd Yag Laser from Alma Lasers, USA.This emits a highly focused beam of laser light which passes harmlessly through the outer layer of skin and is absorbed mainly by tattoo ink.

Sudden rise in temperature within treatment target fractures ink or pigment into tiny particles which are then carried away by body’s lymphatic system.Response to laser depends upon colour of tattoo,its depth and chemical composition of ink used.Most patients report very little discomfort and many compare the sensation of pulses entering the skin to snap of a rubber band.Generally 6-10 sessions are required at an interval of 6-8 weeks.


Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment pioneered by the French Physician Dr.Michael Pistor in 1952.It employs multiple microinjections of conventional

medicines,vitamins,minerals and aminoacids into the mid-dermis and subcutaneous fat.It is becoming very popular because of its less painful and more effective methods.

It is useful in
  • Hair restoration.
  • Face and neck rejuvenation.
  • Facial pigmentation.
  • Eyebags,double chin.
  • Cellulite reduction.
  • Stretch-marks.
  • Body contouring.

VENUS VIVA Treatment

Over time,the signs of aging creep up with a range of symptoms that affect the skin ; including wrinkles,lines,texture,blood vessels and redness.Our pores look more open and the wrinkles around our eyes each tell a story about where we have been.If you want a treatment that gives your skin a fresher,more natural youthful look but donot want to undergo surgical procedures, then US FDA approved Venus Viva is the right treatment for you.

Venus Viva is safe for all skin types,non-invasive and effective with immediate and long-term results for facial rejuvenation concerns about skin laxity,texture,lines and wrinkles.It works with the revolutionary nano-fractional radiofrequency and SmartScan technology that delivers superior results through selectional dermal heating process,thus initiating skin changes,rebuilding collagen and fibroblast stimulation,all resulting in tissue remodelling.

The number of treatments required will be approximately 3- 4 for one area but ultimately will vary from patient to patient.The treatment duration is around 30 minutes or less and there is minimal downtime and minimal discomfort allowing you to enjoy the immediate and long-term benefits shortly after a treatment.Venus Viva thus

  • Decreases visible pores for even skin texture
  • Reduces signs of aging for a fresher,more youthful look
  • Evens out textural irregularities for refined looking skin
  • Reduces acne scars
  • Diminishes deep lines and folds for younger looking skin
  • Corrects necklace lines to lessen the signs of aging
  • Diminishes and tightens lax skin for a more firm decollete